Commercial Card

Commercial CardBridge Bank's commercial credit card program offers your company an easy, convenient way for employees to make and track purchases, and even to pay recurring bills. The Commercial Card offers 24X7 lost card support, fraud monitoring and easy management through eZBusiness (for your company administrator) and eZCardInfo (for your employees). To apply, contact your Relationship Manager.


Annual Fee

$50 per Card

Grace Period

25 Days from the statement date

Finance Charges
If not paid in full each month
WSJP+ 6.0%
Floor 7.25%/ Ceiling 20.0%
Minimum Payment
10% of Monthly Outstanding Balance, plus any overlimit amount, fees, past due amounts, and unpaid finance charges; $25 Minimum.
Late Fee
5.0% of unpaid amount due
$25 Minimum/$1,000 Maximum
Over-limit Fee

1% of the amount over the approved limit
$25 Min/$1,000 Maximum

Returned Item Fee
Unauthorized Use Liability

For more information, please see the Bridge Bank VISA Commercial Credit Card Agreement