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We provide uniquely flexible financing solutions to companies in a wide variety of technology sectors. At every stage of growth — from inception through IPO and beyond — we are a leading financial partner to companies in Silicon Valley and across the nation who are focused on bringing new technologies to market.

Focused on Entrepreneurs

We believe in the risk takers, the game-changers and the disrupters — those committed to leveraging innovation to make the world a better place. And because we ourselves are entrepreneurs, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by young startups, allowing us to solve problems that other banks can’t even see. Entrepreneurs will drive the future economic growth of our economy — Bridge Bank provides the financial solutions to enable their success.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Partnerships

Bridge Bank is deeply rooted in the business community, and highly networked with firms throughout the country who provide venture capital and private equity investments to companies seeking the financial resources to grow. We’ve partnered with a wide range of investors on deals of various sizes, from mergers and acquisitions to corporate buyouts and IPOs. Yet, we remain committed to building relationships that endure beyond financial transactions.

Unique Debt Financing Solutions

It’s not just the financial products we offer that make us unique, although our capabilities match or exceed those of larger institutions. Rather it’s the way we custom-tailor financial solutions to each client’s unique situation that makes Bridge Bank different than any other financial partner. 

Step by Step

Step by Step

Financial Solutions

Credit Solutions

Working Capital Lines of Credit. 
This flexible revolving line of credit may be utilized to support increasing assets in a growing company. Lines may be formula-based or non-formula-based depending upon your business needs, and may help conserve cash and improve relationships with suppliers.

Equipment Financing. 
Bridge Bank provides term loans to finance purchase of equipment, acquisition of product lines or business operations, tenant or leasehold improvements, permanent additions to working capital, and to refinance existing debt.

Bridge Loans. 
Bridge loans provide short-term working capital that will bridge a company to a well-defined liquidity/equity event.

Growth Capital/Venture Debt. 
Allows companies to leverage their equity capital while adding “runway,” thereby providing the dual benefit of reduced dilution and the potential to achieve greater step-ups in valuation between equity rounds.

Corporate Credit Cards. 
A line of credit can be established for the purpose of issuing individual corporate credit cards. This allows for effective control of corporate purchases, travel and entertainment expenses and provides management complete flexibility in issuing and canceling cards as needed.

Asset-Based Lending Solutions.  In keeping with our mission to accommodate a client’s unique needs, we offer asset-based lending in addition to traditional corporate banking solutions.

Other Financial and Cash Management Solutions

Checking and Money Market Accounts, Funds Transfer, Foreign Exchange and Currency Hedging, Business eBanking (full suite of online banking services), Smart Deposit Express (remote deposit), Bridge Investment Services, Merchant Card Services, Lockbox, Global Cash Management, and more.

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Featured Clients


Aurionpro Case Study
“Bridge Bank doesn’t act like a bank, and that’s why we like them so much. We are constantly and pleasantly surprised by how helpful and versatile they are. Despite being a smaller business bank, Bridge Bank has managed to effectively compete with the large global mega-banks and has provided excellent service for our complex international business.“ ~Samir Shah, Aurionpro

Convo Convo Communications LLC
"Convo is unique and, accordingly, we needed a lender that was one of a kind. Bridge Bank's flexible financial support through the years has allowed us to remain competitive and grow into a leading provider of video relay services while maintaining our independence and identity. We are grateful to Bridge Bank for their ongoing creativity and look forward to a future of mutual growth."  ~Jarrod Musano, Convo Communications
Fiksu Fiksu Case Study
“If you’re in the Boston marketplace you can’t miss Bridge Bank. They’re at all the events and they’ve done a good job being known to the people who need to know about them. Bridge Bank has a terrific team and they’ve done a wonderful job of capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of Boston.“ ~Ken Goldman, EVP & CFO, Fiksu
Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing Case Study
“For a company like Penguin, access to working capital has a direct impact on our ability to grow. Flexibility is key and we know that when we’re growing and need more capital, Bridge Bank is going to be there for us. When our relationship with Bridge Bank first started, we saw a flexibility and creativity that we hadn’t seen in other banks. Years later, that hasn’t changed. As we have grown our business and expanded into new verticals, Bridge Bank has changed the terms of our covenants to reflect that success, giving us the ability to meet the growing demand for Penguin Computing products.“ ~Lisa Cummins, Chief Financial Officer, Penguin Computing

Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon Case Study
“Bridge Bank is much more startup friendly. They understand that sometimes we don’t know what’s coming up the next day and they can move very quickly. There is a lot of uncertainty in a startup, and you need a partner that’s flexible.” ~Mark Bartels, StumbleUpon


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